Creates the vision for the project. This phase includes the initial consultation, a needs assessment meeting to identify the requirements and goals of the project, job site walk-thru, furniture inventory, photography and the as-built measure.


Gives a general overview of components and scale of the project. Internally, the design team is compiling and surveying all the data received in the programming phase to enhance the vision for the project moving forward.


Translates the internal schematic concept into specific design intent and direction. Deliverables included in the design concept presentations are spaceplans, architectural detailing, custom specifications and hard surface finishes as they relate to the construction portion of the project such as flooring, cabinetry, tile, stone, etc. The secondary portion of this phase will include deliverables of soft finishes as they relate to the approved spaceplans such as furnishings, fabrics, wallcoverings/ paint, window treatments, bedding, decorative lighting, accessories and art. This phase may take four to twelve weeks or more depending on the scope of the project.


Generates the final 11x17 specification packet required for the bidding phase. The design team will work with their trade sources to compile pricing, lead-times and all specifications necessary for the project. The spec packet will allow for fair and comparable construction estimates to be provided to the client.


Provides the client with proposals for approval of all materials including images and specifications necessary to procure the selections made in the design development phase. Grace Blu will assist the client in the selection of general contractors, architects or builders to perform the work, as well as, conduct a preliminary job walk and a bid review with those selected.


Alleviates stress on the client from having to shop around for materials specified. Grace Blu offers a concierge service by procuring and expediting these items on behalf of the client. This phase includes following up on lead-times, receiving and inspecting all goods, scheduling delivery and preparing for installation whether construction finish materials such as cabinetry, tile or plumbing or furnishings at the final stage of the project.


Guides the construction and/or furnishing process. Grace Blu acts as a liaison between the contractor and the client, as well as, implements on-site installation of all movable goods. Accessorizing and shopping services are also available upon client request to complete the installation.


Ensures the client’s move in is smooth. A walk thru with the client is arranged and final punch lists are created.