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Designing with Energy: The Art of Feng Shui

If you are new here, let me set the stage for you. Grace Blu Interior Design has many spiritual balances tied to how we design homes. We believe in the power of intention. Recently, we have revisited the ancient Chinese principles of Feng Shui. Feng Shui is an ancient practice that focuses on arranging objects and spaces to promote positive energy flow, also known as "qi. By paying attention to energy flow and using mindful design techniques, you can create a home that supports your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Photographer: Molly Rose

Let's start with our entryway! Want to create a welcoming entrance? Clear any clutter and have a focal point that promotes a positive first impression. Here we added natural elements as visual interest by adding a unique vase. Our Charlotte project entry has clean curves and gentle angles to promote a smooth energy flow upon opening the front door.

Photographer: Molly Rose

One primary focus of Feng Shui is the combination of all-natural elements—wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Wood is considered a grounding material which is helping to balance structure throughout the entire home. In our Via Jucar Project, we brought wood elements to the ceiling, promoting its strong bones in the design.

Photographer: Karyn Millet

Our East Bay Front project shows an excellent example of mixing fire, water, earth, and metal elements. The ocean artwork above the fireplace and greenery create a soothing visual that brings you to nature. Fire brings leadership and boldness to the room. Water is a barrier that balances the intense energy of fire and metal. Hints of the metal stabilize the styling by bringing in focus and clarity.

Photographer: Ryan Garvin

Let's talk about the use of lighting. Lighting can affect the mood and energy in a room. In Feng Shui, a combination of natural and artificial light creates a balance. Avoid harsh overhead lighting and instead opt for soft, diffused light sources. In our Sommet Du Monet project, natural light predominates in the space brought in through the windows. Natural lighting improves mood and productivity, which can positively impact a space's overall energy. When people feel happy and energized, they are more likely to engage with their surroundings and contribute to a positive atmosphere.

Photographer: Bret Hillyard

We find Feng Shui a rad practice. We believe that everything in the universe is interconnected and that the arrangement of objects in a space can affect the energy flow. Feng Shui has the power to impact a person's life and well-being. If we can move the well-being of our online audience, that's precisely how we will use our written words. What value can we add to your home through the power of rituals and writing?

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