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It's Crystal Clear!

Crystals are a big part of our brand here at Grace Blu. Many people believe that crystals have healing properties that can bring positive energy into a space and Grace Blu supports ways to make the collective feel best! We love incorporating them throughout our designs, our Shoppe, and of course, our inspiration.

Let's start with the clear quartz. The tile used in the bathroom of our Via Jucar project has a shine similar to the clear quartz. This stone is known for its introspection and for helping clarify goals. Our Via Jucar project allowed us to create a vision focused on our client's goals. Photographer: Molly Rose

Our Park Avenue project has similarities to natural kyanite stones that are known to have properties of sincerity, authenticity, and trust. This same vision was carried through our design to create balance for our client's authenticity. We balanced bright tones with grey accents to achieve openness. Building trust with clients is essential in any service-based industry, and interior design is no exception. Photographer: Karyn Millet

Charolette project resembles grey gemstones that are soft and subdued. They do not need to be flashy or bold. Greystones represent sophistication and surrender to being what they are. Transforming this space from traditional to elegant allowed us to describe the same level of refinement. Photographer: Molly Rose

Rose Quartz is known to bring in love and relationships. This can start within ourselves. What better way to bring in love than in a bathroom made for self-care? In our Via Lido Soud project, our client wanted us to create an open, feminine space of internal peace and love. Hints of blush helped us to create a luxury of loving elements to accomplish a lovely zen.

In conclusion, crystals are a versatile and aesthetically pleasing addition to any interior design scheme. They offer visual and energetic benefits and can help create a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere in any space. Whether you choose to display them or use them as inspiration, crystals will surely enhance your home's beauty and functionality!


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