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Art Inspired Design

At Grace Blu, one of our favorite inspirations for design is art. It provides visual impact, color, texture, and a sense of personality - all of the things we strive to create for our clients when designing a space. Whether we’re curating art to pull a room together or using a client’s existing art in our design, we aim to make the art a component of the plan for a truly cohesive space. When it comes to art, size matters. We say go big or go home! The larger the scale, the more visual impact the art will provide. We also love to group multiple pieces to achieve results. Repetition is an all too often overlooked design element. Let’s not forget about the importance of matte and framing. We’ve taken small photography pieces and added large matte borders and gallery framing to enhance the size and impact of the original image.

Not all art has to be expensive art to be effective in design. With the right approach and a creative installation plan, we’ve used family photos, letters, and keepsakes to create a gallery wall that looked like a million bucks. For serious collectors, the effective placement of art has much to do with the elements surrounding it. Sometimes other aspects of the room create too much competition for the art. We consider art a “destination” in the home, and one of our favorite tricks is to place critical pieces at the end of corridors and halls to create a visual destination.

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