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Palmetto Chic: Exploring Design Details We Adore in South Carolina!

Apart from having a little vacation, networking, and, oh yeah, getting married :) South Carolina has been a place my creative spirit and heart have re-aligned. Palmetto Bluff is known for its rich history, wilderness and wildlife, mellow low-country culture, and unspoiled rivers and salt marshes. But did you know the state is also home to various interior design styles? From classic southern Charm to coastal-inspired decor, here are some design details we love in South Carolina.

Let's start with the power of its Southern Charm. One of the most popular interior design styles in South Carolina is its' classic Charm. This style is about creating a warm and welcoming space that feels like home, typically starting with the outside. From my first visit there, walking and riding my bike around the bluffs, I fell in love with how all exteriors work with nature. Their iconic oak trees hold a humbling reminder of our little human impact.

Welcome to Ellis Creek. The marshy landscape of its backyard inspired this wooden fish camp. Lowcountry style is all about incorporating natural materials and textures. Metal furniture, wooden accents, and muted color palettes create a laid-back, relaxed atmosphere. Let's consider the simple designs in low country styles.

During my visit, I had the privilege of teaming up with the builders of Palmetto. One shared vision through the creation is keeping historic elegance alive while bringing a fresh new approach to traditional southern style with a modern twist. New builds incorporate clean lines, natural textures, and classic details, such as the landmark light blue ceilings on many porches. The light blue ceiling represents good luck in the home. Funny, because I love the idea of blue used wherever it can be!

Switching gears from the raw materials and right into the rich fabrics of this modern chic restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina, Church & Union's unique experience creates a cozy, romantic atmosphere with plenty of vintage characteristics. The scale of the stain-glass windows is captivatingly tasteful. I love when modern architecture gives new life and purpose. This restaurant is exactly that, and what a beautiful moment it is.

One of my favorite spots in one of my favorite places is the new speakeasy called Hush, located in the Riverhouse at the Montage in Palmetto Bluff. Stepping thru a hidden doorway behind a wall mirror, you walk into the dark and moody bar and lounge buzzing with energy, live music, and a throwback to the prohibition era—the walls with rich colors, drapery, and various seating. The furniture combines modern and traditional styles with dark wood tables, chairs, and plush leather banquettes. Oh, and the drinks are handcrafted and named after "Guy," one of the best bartenders ever encountered.

Overall, South Carolina is a state that has offered an abundance of out-of-the-box designs that hold a lot of weight in what is next for Grace Blu. We are inspired to bring more traditional Charm into our projects on the West Coast. For those looking to tie the knot in South Carolina, the state's incredible beauty provides an idyllic backdrop for a dream wedding. With many venues to choose from, ranging from historic mansions to beachfront resorts, couples can find the perfect setting to exchange their vows and celebrate their love. Oh, Chiron and I decided to get married while here with our two children by our sides. It indeed was a perfect trip!

Not only was it the perfect place to call our second work home, but there was no better place for us to start our happily ever after than in South Carolina. From the classic Southern Charm of Charleston to the natural beauty of the Lowcountry, let the unique Charm of South Carolina inspire you to create beautiful memories. We are so excited to extend our fun coastal design to the East Coast and make it official! Stay tuned for more of our work in Palmetto Bluff and the surrounding areas.


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