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It's All in the Details

We invest much time and energy in sourcing unique pieces for our design projects at Grace Blu. We search high and low for furnishings, lighting, and accessories to set your home apart. Part of our criteria when selecting vendors and resources is attention to detail. It’s incredible how even the most subtle nuance can catch your eye and make you appreciate something as simple as a chest of drawers just a little more than you usually might. As you’re thumbing through your favorite design magazine, do you ever ask yourself, “What about this room that has me so engaged?”. Well, it’s probably the simplest things that make the space so unique, like the leather tabs on the cabinet, the nail head trims on the bench, the red silk exposed cord on the table lamp, or the contrast stitching on the sofa.

When designing a space, we follow a consistent formula of color, contrast, texture, and sheen to create an energetic, inviting, and balanced palette. We love juxtaposing rustic wood textures with modern elements like glass or polished metal. Painted cabinetry is one of our favorite ways to incorporate bold color into our designs, and a high gloss finish helps take it to the next level. We love to use wallpaper unexpectedly on the ceiling and in the interior backs of glass front cabinetry for a fun pop of pattern. In our design studio, we challenge each other to “wow me with the details.” This translates into a truly individual design experience for our clients.

They say an image is worth a thousand words. Follow us on Instagram where we highlight more examples and inspiration from some of our favorite fellow designers.


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