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16 Never Felt Sweeter.

Sixteen years ago, I took a daring leap of faith to embark on a transformation that would forever change my life. As a single mother with a passion for design and a heart full of hope, I began boldly asking the universe for what I wanted. Who knew that a single black Sharpie on a blank wall would be a signature staple of magic in my journey of manifesting? With some writing on the wall and a bunch of hard work, years later, Grace Blu is thriving and loving every minute of the community of creatives it has encountered along the way!

Grace Blu 2007- (Can you believe this photo was taken when I began my journey?)

A pack of Sharpies later, I had my first project. Sketching became a visionary language for my business. Listening attentively to the descriptive cues, I translated them into skillful hand drawings, a practice I continue at Grace Blu. Oh, how the advancements of technology have evolved our design process 16 years since, but the power of pen to paper is a vital part of manifesting. I still love grabbing a marker to make my design intention known to our clients who don't "see" it without a visual. But now, we can show them almost precisely the end result through computer renderings.

Grace Blu's early day hand rendering | Philharmonic House

Fast forward to the present day. We are a growing team of loyal creatives with multiple large-scale new builds and many renovations throughout Southern California and nationwide. Who would have thought that over 16 years ago, this was all just a dream and a hopeful business? As I reflect, I am filled with gratitude. In June, Grace Blu hosted a manifesting theme party that brought vendors, clients, and the community together to celebrate our journey and the magic of dreams. The event was a heartfelt acknowledgment of who I was 16 years ago, writing what I wanted on an empty wall.

Photographer: Jessica Bodas

As guests entered the studio, we welcomed them to a stunning 9-foot charcuterie board, lovingly crafted by the talented hands of Boards by MelFran. The charcuterie board was a symbol of abundance and a reminder that life is full of rich, diverse flavors waiting to be savored. It is also my favorite site (a complete table full of mixed yummy treats!)

Photographer: Jessica Bodas

Photographer: Jessica Bodas

The atmosphere was alive with excitement and inspiration, thanks to the pulsating beats of DJ Azzizi. Throughout the branding of Grace Blu, I have incorporated dancing through design. Of course, if you don't already know, we love to drop it like it's hot around here. Dancing to Grace Blu is another way to showcase our creativity, and who knew it was also a job requirement?!

Photographer: Jessica Bodas

It was a collective undertaking to pull a party of over 100 people while balancing many active projects in the heat of summer. Luckily, Landscape Architect, Travis from Koheid Designs, put together a dream front patio for us just one week before our event. Nestled in the front of our studio, this beautiful outdoor space shortly became our studio's summer sanctuary. Thank you, Travis and Anthony, for making this possible for us!

Photographer: Jessica Bodas

As I watched my guests connect with one another, sharing stories and dreams alike, I couldn't help but be overwhelmed by the challenges that led me to this moment. The countless hours of hard work were all worth it. Seeing the smiles on their faces reminded me that my journey wasn't just about my dreams; it was about creating a space for others to believe in theirs. In that shared moment of manifesting magic, I realized that everyone in attendance was a part of the success of the Grace Blu family and journey.

Photographer: Jessica Bodas

Today, Grace Blu is a testament to my faith and the dreams that were once just words. It is a beacon of hope, a reminder that anything is possible if we have the courage to believe in them and the tenacity to work toward them. There indeed were times as an entrepreneur that almost brought me to my knees, but as the saying goes, "When the going gets tough, the tough get going!"

Let the magic inspire us all in opportunity. Embrace the journey, however challenging, for every step you take brings you closer to your desired life.

Photographer: Jessica Bodas

As I sign off, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all those who have been a part of my business' - the ones who believed in me when I doubted myself, the ones who supported me when I felt weak, and the ones who celebrated with me when dreams became a reality.

May you all find the courage to manifest your dreams and witness the magic they bring forth. Remember, it all begins with a vision and the unwavering faith to see it through.

A special thank you to my team, vendors, contractors, and clients... Without you, none of this would have ever been possible!

Forever in gratitude,



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