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Transforming Trailmaster

When asked if we could give a new tract home some custom designer details, Grace Blu responded with an absolute YES! The unique approach of adding sultry and dramatic details gave new life into Trailmaster by elevating it from its builder basic origins into a stunning testament to our creative mastery.

Photography: Hugo Landa

In January 2022, Trailmaster homeowners contacted Grace Blu as a potential design partner. The new abode was a semi- custom tract home, with pre-selected materials chosen by their builder and the clients. Recognizing our expertise, they entrusted us with elevating these pre-selections and transforming the home in the Grace Blu way. What began as a small project quickly expanded, fueled by the excitement that emerged as their vision gradually materialized.

Photography: Hugo Landa

Let’s talk about challenges. Navigating a designer's world, filled with luxurious de Gournay wallpaper and exquisite Schumacher fabrics, poses a unique challenge when clients yearn to stay within a neutral palette. How is Grace Blu going to add personality to the ordinary? Senior Designer, Courtney, knew to start with subtle sensations upon the entry. When asking Courtney about her favorite design elements, the entry was rightfully mentioned. Courtney put her precision to talent through a collaboration with the millwork contractor and custom designed detailing in the entrance and the dining space. The paneling added dimension to the large-scale walls that were begging Grace Blu for contemporary drama. Just across, a grand chandelier by Eurofase, sits high and is individually arranged at perfect scale for each hand-poured glass to glisten.

Photography: Hugo Landa

With kids in the mix, it’s common for Grace Blu to undergo a client’s desire for nice things, but a need for resiliency. An additional challenge was balancing our clients’ love for glamour and a lifestyle of durability. Grace Blu carefully selected endurance-favored fabrics throughout the home. To keep the home consistently kid friendly, spherical shapes in the furniture selections were chosen to move away from adding hard edges for the safety of their small humans.

Photography: Hugo Landa

Moving up the stairs and past the glass chandelier, their daughter’s bedroom made for another sweet surprise. This beautiful rose patterned Jab wallpaper playfully wraps around the space and impacts other elements in the room such as the pearled lighting and the hand-made paper florals.

Photography: Hugo Landa

The primary bedroom is privately arranged at the back of the home. “The client willingly allowed for this delicious indigo blue that completely brought this space to life” Courtney mentions. Grace Blu began to play with textures and mixing different metal finishes to master its grand design. As sleep holds the key to success, functionality is of the most importance when it comes to customizable bedding. Grace Blu achieved the client’s goal of having a minimal level of design on the headboard matched with beautiful custom window treatments.

Photography: Hugo Landa

Expansion is what we are most proud of. To take on a project and watch it blossom past expectations makes every challenge along the way worth it. Beyond design, we build upon relationships with our community and experience the emotions of creating someone’s dream home.

Sourcing Shoutouts:

Dining Room Chairs

Laundry Mural

Entry Chandelier

Entry Console Table and Lamps

Primary Bedroom Lamps

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