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Trend or Classic?

At Grace Blu, we’re a fan of reclaimed wood. We’ve used it in many variations, from ceiling beams to fireplace mantels and kitchen islands. While some may consider it a trend, we consider reclaimed wood a classic design element that can create warmth, charm, and architectural interest, depending on the application.

We’ve recently been re-inspired by a past project and have incorporated reclaimed wood into two of our newly developed design concepts. We’ve proposed reclaimed wood beams as structural elements in a wine room for one project. Married with glass, polished stainless steel, and concrete surfaces, the character of the reclaimed wood adds perfect balance and texture to the space. For another project, we’ve created display ledges for a collection of pottery and iron artifacts that will be the room's focal point. At Grace Blu, we call this “designing outside of the box.”

Want to see these design concepts come to life? Follow us on Instagram for before, during, and after images that will forever remove reclaimed wood from the trend category.


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