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The Colors of Creating Your Zen

Outside the blast of healthier habits trending in 2023, bold pops of color are also coming back. Since this is right up our design alley, we thought we would share some of Grace Blu's secrets to using color while creating a calm space. We believe your space is a reflection of your mind and personality! So why not use your favorite colors and materials in your environment to create your zen?

From a tale as old as time, nature brings us back to our roots. You may think this is common and maybe obvious, but have you thought about its placement? Placing plants, organic elements, and branches in the areas you spend most of your time! Hues of green are associated with healing and luck. Small moments of appreciation can go under the radar, and this is a great way to set your subconscious to appreciate the organic touches of your daily routines. Stop and smell the roses, why don't you!?

Another way to keep your den zen is by adding in natural elements! Our Sommet Du Monde project was entirely inspired by nature and bringing the outside inside. We used as many raw materials as we could. Adding hints of wood, stone, jute, and wool gave the space a sense of peace and a nod to the nature lovers dwelling inside. Another example is re-arranging your favorite seating by an open window and tabletop water fountain! Again, explore and integrate what earth has provided by working with water, fire, dirt, and wind!

Did you know that pink has many psychological benefits? The color pink creates harmony with kindness and love. In this project, we show you ways to add a hue of pink without overloading feminity. We used a shade of red/pin to juxtapose the more masculine vibes of the angular furniture to add some warmth and calmness to this bedroom.

Let's talk about the elephant in the room... You had to notice the bright pop of yellow! Not only did it add interest, but it also became a statement, "we don't take ourselves too seriously!" The color yellow is correlated with a feeling of positivity, inspiration, and energy! We love to work with yellow hues; it's a big reason we have incorporated them into our office design and branding.

We hope you are as inspired by nature and color as we are. We are glad to know that we are always keeping true to our roots by also creating timeless trends! This was one of our favorite projects that we love to share to let you all in on the coming trends.

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