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Grace Blu Top Picks

Grace Blu is excited to share our favorite materials selected by our in-house designers. Our designers have a wide range of tastes and styles, and their favorite materials show the creativity and ingenuity that goes into their work. From luxurious fabrics to natural stones, each designer has chosen something that speaks to their style. We hope you enjoy getting to know a little more about our designers and their favorite materials!

Designer Janessa has an added combination of traditional funk and natural elements. She's noticed for her additions of textured wallpaper and impeccable taste in color. Janessa's most recent projects have honed her to cooler color palettes, but bright hues energize her creativity, making for an inviting and stimulating space.

Katie's design speaks for close refinement. Her choice of velvet wallpaper and gold accents create a sense of visual interest and draw focus to the lavish fabrics featured in her designs. Katie is admired for her feminine touch in any tailored design. Her works with natural light create a clean, amiable, and aesthetically pleasing space.

Jada's design has a stunning floral focus with accents of weighted fabrics and rich materials. She finds a way to embody femininity and appreciate luxury in her designs. Her taste in fabrics is admired at Grace Blu.

Courtney's design palette is one of a kind. Her framework of precision and custom selections all align with her superpower. This palette reflects her love for sophisticated distortion. She has mastered the formula for adding architectural uniqueness and added edge.

Genie's elements are a beautiful mix of contemporary and glamorous. Her combination is romantic, and her modernism shines in her color choices. She is constantly creating an oasis in connection to nature and tasteful detailing.

We hope you enjoyed the storytelling behind each designer's uniqueness. Did you find a style that resonates with your class? Please write to tell us about it! We'd love to hear from you!


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